Open Letter Sources

[1] Deutscher Ethikrat
Solidarit├Ąt und Verantwortung in der Corona-Krise: Ad-Hoc-Empfehlung

[2] Ohio State University
The association between body mass index, processes of care, and outcomes from mechanical ventilation: a prospective cohort study.

ICNARC report on COVID-19 in critical care 27 March 2020

Further Information

These articles were recommended by European organizations and activists in our facebook group. They served as inspiration for our open letter and the resulting discussions:

Copenhagen Post (18.04.2020)
Opinion: Fatphobia in the Coronavirus Crisis

WIRED (17.04.2020)
Covid-19 Does Not Discriminate by Body Weight

BreakingNews (01.04.2020)
Asylum seekers left homeless after positive Covid-19 diagnosis

Slate Online-Magazin (30.03.2020)
How Racial Health Disparities Will Play Out in the Pandemic

Plus (12.03.2020)
What the Early AIDS Epidemic Can Teach Us About COVID-19

HuffPost (04.02.2020)
A Doctor Stopped COVID-19 Treatment Because She Was Afraid I Could Gain Weight

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